Collection: 18Twelve THCA Diamond Infused Pre Rolls (44.9% THC)

18twelve's Bombers are a high powered joint filled with the finest, terpene rich cannabis and proprietarily extracted THCA diamonds. The result is an extremely potent but clean smoking experience. Simply stated you get #HAF when you smoke them. Up to 44.9% THC in each joint!

Infused pre-rolls (or infused joints) have kiefhashshatterlive resin or other cannabis concentrates or extracts added to the flower or dried cannabis to punch up the potency. The infusion of the cannabis extracts may be added to the outside or inside of a pre rolled cone. These joints are ‘to-the-moon’ level and the THC level may exceed 40%. Their flavour and effects provide the kind of rich, unforgettable cannabis experience that every cannabis consumer covets. 

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