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30 years ago, we started Dykstra Landscaping and Maintenance. At the time, we weren’t thinking about much more than cutting lawns and laying sod. Our next step was the expansion into the Greenhouse business. Today, we’ve expanded yet again by becoming a licensed processor and producer of cannabis.

Seven years ago, the Federal Government introduced Medicinal Cannabis as a legal option for users and for the private sector to participate in the production of cannabis. For a period of time here at 7th Street, a number of potential investors, or we would say “tire kickers”, showed up to see about using the greenhouses for this process. None of them were really serious, so we made a decision to do this on our own; and most importantly- keep it in the family. So in September of 2019, we submitted our application to the Ministry of Health and it has led to us sitting here today in our brand-new licensed facility.

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