Cakelicious 6 Pack

Cakelicious 6 Pack

Weed Me
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THC 24% - 30%
CBD <1%

Why settle for one when you can try some of Weed Me's top indica dominant strains in our new pre-roll multi-pack? Cakelicious offers two 0.5g pre-rolls of each LA Kush Cake, Ice Cream Cake and Cake #9. Enjoy the variant flavours of these sweet, fruity, and creamy strains.

Ice Cream Cake *32% THC* is a cross of Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. 

LA Kush Cake *32% THC* is a cross of the popular Wedding Cake and Kush Mints.

Cake #9 *30% THC* is a cross of Do-si-Dos and  Mandarin Sunset.