Outlaw Live Rosin 510 (6683436449973)

Outlaw Live Rosin 510

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THC 346 mg
CBD 0 mg

*With Live Rosin 510 carts, it is recommended that you use a controlled 510 Battery (such as the Vessel Core) on the low setting for a more enjoyable experience.*

This live rosin cart is derived from the Outlaw strain which has intense aromas of green apple, citrus, pepper and herbs that blend together to provide a stimulating high, ideal for boosting creativity or for consumption in a social setting.

Rosin cartridges are stronger than a normal vape cartridge. They are more likely to be naturally full spectrum, without having to have terpenes and cannabinoids added back in post-extraction like with regular vape pens. This means a much more pleasant and noticeable aroma and taste.