Triangle Kush by Black Kettle Farms | Jupiter Cannabis Winnipeg

Triangle Kush *29.2% THC*

Black Kettle Farms
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THC 26% - 31%
CBD <1%

*29.2% THC* Located in Langley, British Columbia, bragging rights have been earned by Black Kettle Farms. For decades, the team at BKF have honed their craft, led by local legend and Master Grower 'Surfer Mike'. Leaving its legacy roots in the past, Black Kettle Farms is putting this unparalleled expertise on display with their new drop of Triangle Kush. Black Kettle Farms is proud to offer cannabis consumers high end craft cannabis with exotic flavours. Triangle Kush is a legacy strain, originally from Florida where it was bred by fusing the best versions of OG Kush from three main cannabis producing areas Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami. Now re-named for the "triangle", this heavy indica strain is full of flavour.