Blueberry Segal 10 pack by Color Cannabis | Jupiter Cannabis Winnipeg

Blueberry Segal 10 pack

Color Cannabis
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THC 17% - 24%
CBD <1%

Blueberry Seagal is an indica-dominant hybrid, hand-selected by Color's brilliant phenotype hunters. This cultivar has light green buds with light orange hues throughout, giving off a sweet floral aroma with very strong THC potency potential. Blueberry Seagal hits the nose with crisp notes of berry and pepper from naturally occurring terpenes; beta-caryophyllene and nerolidol. As for exact lineage, it is an unknown combination of hybrid strains and it is known to be a member of the DJ Short Blueberry family. There are 10 joints that are 0.35 gram each for a total of 3.5 grams of pre-rolled cannabis per package.