Cyclone Eco Non-Toxic Cleaner - Jupiter Cannabis (6634279895221)

Cyclone Eco Non-Toxic Cleaner - 16oz

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Cyclone Eco Non-Toxic Cleaner with 3 Bonus Caps

• Cleans glass, metal & ceramic
• 473 ml / 16 FL OZ
• Reuse up to 3 times
• Microwaveable
• May freeze below 15°
• Bonus cleaning brush
• Bonus 3 different size caps
• Made in Canada

Your ultimate water pipe cleaner that's eco-friendly! This cleaning solution could be reused up to 3 times and microwaveable for a deep clean to remove the stuck-on resin and debris. Just make sure to only microwave new, unused solution. This package also includes a cleaning brush and 3 different size caps to avoid any spillage. Everything you would need to keep your favourite piece nice and shiny, and it's non-toxic.