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Sour Cherry Gummies Micro Dose

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THC 10 mg
CBD 0 mg

Perfect for those looking to microdose THC using edibles. Each gummy has only 1mg of THC. There is a total of 10mg of THC per package.

Sunshower Sour Cherry gummies are made from the natural flavours of Morello and B.C.-grown Lapin sour cherries to combine tree-ripened sweetness with an extra sour kick. Every pack of Sunshower Sour Cherry contains 10 soft chews, each made with 1mg of the finest cannabis distillate THC so that you can start low, go slow and manage your experience at your own pace. With 10 pieces you'll have enough chews to slowly savour the puckering sour cherry flavour or to enjoy the extra chewy goodness of Sunshower's classic texture, with no cannabis aftertaste.