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Chimp Mints 14 Pack

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THC 18% - 21%
CBD <1%

*There are 14 pre-rolls and each one has 0.5 gram of cannabis which is a total of 7 grams.*

Wildlife rolls only high-quality and high THC cannabis from trusted cultivators. These friendly pre-rolls are and packaged into a durable tin, or tube keeping it fresh and convenient, ready to throw in your bag for later.

Cultivar Description: Chimp Mints (also known as Gorilla Snacks) is a hybrid cross between Gorilla Glue #4 (GG #4) and Guinness. This lot features 20.3% THC with a strong, sour aroma of pine and cheese and a sweet, earthy flavour.

Cultivar Lineage: GG #4, Guinness