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5 Ways to Consume Cannabis

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There’s a whole world beyond smoking joints and pipes. Learn more about the ins and outs of vaping, eating edibles and dabbing concentrates.

1. Smoking a joint, blunt, hemp wrap, one hitter, or pipe

When smoking from a joint, blunt, hemp wrap or glass pipe, the resulting smoke is delivered directly to the lungs and readily. This results in a quick onset that can last two or three hours after the first puff.

Pros of smoking

When inhaled, cannabis acts fast. The respiratory system is well-placed to introduce cannabinoids to the bloodstream and brain, so you’ll know exactly how high you are within about five minutes.

It’s harder to over-consume. Joints provide a clearer indication of how much of the plant you’re smoking at any given time.

It’s the most tactile experience. Grinding the cannabis, carefully rolling it into a joint and lighting up is the rawest cannabis experience you’ll have, short of eating the bud whole.

Cons of smoking

Cannabinoids are wasted. Many terpenes are lost when the plant is burned and limits the entourage effect that characterizes the best of highs and end up wasting a lot of cannabinoids when smoking.  The burning process doesn’t heat cannabis to a sufficient level to access all of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

2. Vaping

Vaporizers are more popular than ever. They work by heating ground flower, allowing the consumer to inhale the vapour.

Pros of vaping

You can taste the terpenes.  Many consider vaporizing is still the safest [inhaling] option. Rather than burning plant matter, heating it allows access to a wider range of properties. One can choose the temperature, which allows for maximum terpene benefits without burning carcinogens.

It’s more discreet. With technology marching forward, most vaporizers are compact and discrete. They’re small enough not to draw many untoward stares and produce less of the telltale cannabis smell.

Cons of vaping

 The long-term effects aren’t known. Though allegedly healthier than smoking (and certainly less harsh to pull from), the long-term effects of vaporized cannabis on respiratory health are still unknown.

Vaporizers cost more when compared to joints, pipes, bongs or edibles, which may demand more commitment than the casual consumer is willing to extend.  We have vaporizers for all price points. 

3. Eating edibles

Edible cannabis products are foods and drinks, such as brownies, gummieschocolates,  or beverages, that have been infused with cannabis extracts, or concentrates, all of which contain active ingredients such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Ingesting cannabis allows the compounds to be metabolized by the liver rather than absorbed by the lungs, which causes a slower onset.  The ensuing effects reach different parts of the body and can last anywhere from two to six hours, depending on the dose.

To minimize the risk of consuming too much, start with a very small amount (2.5 mg of THC or less), especially if you are trying a new product, and wait at least 2 hours to see how it affects your body.

Before you purchase an edible product, read the label or the information so you know how much THC and CBD it contains. If you are trying edibles for the first time, choose a product with a low level of THC or a high amount of CBD, which can counter the unpleasant effects of THC.

Pros of edibles

Discreet and easy to consume. While other methods require at least some level of finesse, eating is a skill that most consumers will have perfected by the time they are of age to consume cannabis. 

They’re the tastiest option. Edibles can allow consumers to forgo the “weedy” taste associated with other modes of consumption.

It’s a different kind of high. The “full body high” that many cannabis consumers describe can be a pleasant change of pace. 

Cons of edibles

Always only consume legal edibles as the dosing is regulated and they are manufactured in highly regulated controlled environments. In Canada, there is a 10 mg maximum of THC per package. Some edibles may have 1, 2, 4, or even 5 pieces.  Please read over the package very carefully and do not consume until you are 100% certain of your dose.

Dosing correctly can be tricky if the product is homemade or unregulated. We only sell products that are produced by entities that are approved by Health Canada and have retail agreements to sell to cannabis retailers in Manitoba; therefore, all our products are regulated and have clear content et al listed on the package.

It’s easy to overdo it. Many consumers fall victim to the “it’s not working” trap and consume more within a short time span, leaving them uncomfortably affected when the full high sets in a few hours later; therefore, starting slow to learn your limits is recommended.

4. Hitting a bong

Also known as a water pipe, bongs are tubes that work by using water to filter and cool cannabis smoke before it enters the lungs, not unlike a hookah. Comprised of only a few key elements, it makes use of a watertight bowl, a water container and a pipe or draw tube.

Pros of bongs

Bong hits might be cleaner and may be safer than other inhalant approaches. It’s the same concept as vaping, but since it’s being filtered through water, you’re theoretically removing the larger particulate matter that causes cancer or COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease]. 

Bong hits are intense. The sheer amount of cannabis product that can be consumed in a single bong hit is famously huge. It may seem to be more intense as you’re taking in a way larger volume of the vapour or cannabis product at once.

It’s easy to make your own. Thanks to their adaptable mode of operation, almost anything can be used as a bong.  Bongs can be art. For some, there are few methods of consuming as ornamental as the bong. Many people lovingly craft and care for their bongs as works of art. 

Cons of bongs

Terpenes are lost as cannabis burnt in a bong suffers the same losses as it does in a joint or pipe.

Cumbersome size. The size of the average bong makes it one of the least discrete methods available; however, we have bongs of all sizes.

5. Dabbing concentrates

Dabbing is when concentrates are consumed by letting cannabis oil, shatter, budder, live resin, et al, vaporize on a very hot surface (usually a quartz banger on a dab rig), usually through the use of a small blowtorch. This highly potent vapor is then consumed pipe-style and delivered to the lungs. 

Pros of dabbing

High doses, small volume. By the very nature of the format, users will experience a stronger immediate dab of shatter than with any other method mentioned here. Dabbing can deliver a much higher concentration of product in a small volume.

Cons of dabbing

Cost of dabbing accessories adds up. Dab rigs can be costly, but there are now may dab rigs under $100.  A dab torch, dab matdab tool, concentrate container are all recommended.  

Concentrates are very strong. Concentrates are incredibly potent, so any miscalculation could lead to a more intense high than planned.

*Please note that we are not providing medical advice*

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