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Help Us Help You

Make The Most of Your Cannabis Shopping Experience

Jupiter Cannabis is a licensed cannabis retailer in Winnipeg on 580 Academy Road. Buy cannabispre-rolls510 VapesconcentratesbeveragesgummieschocolatesCBD productstopicals, and smoking accessories.

Visit us in-store, buy online for same day delivery,  click and collect, or shipped Canada Post anywhere in Manitoba.

*Please note that we are not providing medical advice* 

  1. Let us know if you’re new to cannabis

If you’re a new consumer, don’t be shy about saying so. We always benefit from getting a baseline of your experience with cannabis.

 Don’t be shy.

We want to know if this is your first-time buying edibles, or your first-time partaking in a cannabis beverage, and so on. 

  1. Tell us what you’re buying it for

Not everyone grabbing a gram of cannabis or pre-roll has plans for an evening of TikTok and YouTube. Your intended use may be the most important piece of information you offer to our sales associate, so let us know whether it’s falling asleep, exercise, a social night out or chilling at home.

 We want to know what your purpose is.  

Are you just checking the place out?  All good. Any questions, just ask. 

Are you going to have a fun time with some friends, or is it for other purposes?

  1. Tell us how you want to feel

Many consumers are vaguely aware of the purported differences between indica and sativa

Do you want relaxation, or a euphoric and lively experience? It helps us narrow things down.

  1. Tell us how you prefer to consume

Once we have broken down purpose and feeling, it’s time to throw consumption method in the mix. 

Maybe we will want to suggest a certain product if you like smoking hashish or ingesting oils.

Manitobans have more options when purchasing cannabis products such as ediblescannabis beverageconcentrates510 vape cartridges and topicals.

If you are concerned about duration, for example, we will want to venture away from edibles, as they can last several hours, whereas a smokable might last one or two.

Also, some types of oils can only be ingested and not smoked/inhaled.

  1. If you know what you like, tell us

If you know a certain strain does wonders for you, mentioning it to your Jupiter Cannabis sales associate gives us a better indication of where to point you. 

If you say that you want the dankest indica, we will figure out what your ‘sweet spot’ is.

Or the musky flavour of myrcene, we may point you toward strains high in limonene and other citrusy flavour profiles.

  1. Ask us anything

A question about whether or not using a topical or bath bomb could get you high might feel silly, but we love what we do and are here for you. 

We will answer everything with a smile.

What we can’t tell you

It’s important to note that we are under tight restrictions regarding what information we can discuss with customers. In Manitoba, we aren’t allowed to make claims about the effects of specific strains, give medical advice or recommend particular products based on the customers’ medical needs. 

We are creative and will find a way to offer suggestions most often by way of personal anecdote. 

We are not doctors, but one of us can report that we or someone we trust have experienced a certain type of feeling with this strain or product.


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