MY DAB MAT Kitty In Space - Jupiter Cannabis (6634357784757)

MY DAB MAT Kitty In Space

My Dab Mat
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MY DAB MAT Kitty In Space

If you like dabs, silicone mats are a must. Let's face it, dabbing can get messy! That sticky, oily, waxy residue ends up everywhere. But not anymore! MyDabMat has come to the rescue with their 100% non-stick food-grade silicone dab mats. Large enough to sit under a dab rig, dab tools, and containers, these dab mats will protect your glass, keep your tabletops clean & save those drips and splatters to be dabbed as they were destined to be. 

SIZE: 11" Diameter, 1.5 mm thick


  • Food Grade Silicone
  • 100% Non-Stick