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Honeystick Pyramid 510 Variable Voltage Vaporizer – Black


Honeystick Pyramid 510 Variable Voltage Vaporizer

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In Stock at 580 Academy Road, Winnipeg

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In Stock


Introducing the Pyramid Cartridge Battery by HoneyStick: A Compact and Versatile Vape Battery Designed for Discerning Dispensaries and Retailers.

The HoneyStick Pyramid stands as a remarkable innovation for connoisseurs of dab and oil 510 cartridge vaping. Its distinctive round pyramid shape, coupled with its compact dimensions measuring merely 2.12 inches in height and 1.5 inches in diameter at its thickest base, sets a new standard in style and convenience within the realm of small vape batteries.


1 x Pyramid Cartridge Battery
1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable
1 x HoneyStick Lanyard
1 x User Manual
Please note: vape Cartridge Not Included

500 mAh rechargeable vape battery
Auto-shutoff safety
4 voltage setting (2.7V, 3.2V, 3.7V and 4.2V)
Vibration Alert and Color LED Light Ring Mode Indicator
510 vape battery with button control
Wireless Phone Charging Option
Type-C USB charging Option
Works with any 510 threaded cartridge for oil or dab
Four Temperature Settings: The Pyramid 510 Cartridge Battery sets the bar with its four adjustable temperature settings, affording users the opportunity to tailor their vaping experience to perfection. The LED light ring elegantly communicates the selected voltage: green for 2.8V, blue for 3.2V, cyan for 3.7V, and red for 4.2V.
Pre-Heat Functionality: A standout feature, the Pyramid Cartridge Battery boasts a pre-heat function that efficiently readies your vape cartridge for optimal vaping pleasure. Convenience and performance converge in this exceptional capability.
Extended Battery Life: With a robust 500mAh capacity battery, this device promises prolonged vaping sessions without the inconvenience of frequent recharging. Customers can savor their vaping experience with confidence in the device’s endurance.
Vibration Alert System: The Pyramid Cartridge Battery incorporates a sophisticated vibration alert system, serving as a clear indicator of the unit’s active or inactive status. This feature keeps users well-informed about the battery’s condition, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment.
Premium Concealment: Meticulously designed for discretion, the Pyramid Cartridge Battery excels in concealing vape cartridges, affording users the privacy they desire while indulging in their preferred concentrates and oils. Its sleek form ensures a discreet and stylish addition to your inventory.
Two Charging Options: The Pyramid Cartridge Battery offers two convenient charging options – a USB Type-C charging cable (attached) and compatibility with any phone wireless charger. This versatility ensures your device is always ready to go.
Elevate your dispensary or retail offerings with the HoneyStick Pyramid 510 Cart Battery, an embodiment of sophistication, innovation, and user-centric design. Provide your discerning clientele with the pinnacle of vaping experiences, setting your establishment apart from the competition.