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Jane & Juice Rocket Man THC Ampules


Rocket Man THC Ampules – Edibles

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In Stock at 580 Academy Road, Winnipeg

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In Stock


*One the best alternatives for Edison Jolts, Aurora Drifts, and all other High THC Lozenges and Chewable Extracts that Health Canada is pausing the sale of.*

Once we run out of the High THC Lozenges and Chewable Extracts, Health Canada will not allow us to purchase more. Limited quantities remaining. When they are gone, they are gone!

These Rocket Man THC Ampules are fast acting, water soluble, resealable, and instantly blend with any beverage. You may also ingest the ampule’s contents orally for rapid onset 😉

Each ampule has 10mg of THC and each package has 10 ampules which = 100mg of THC.

Fast acting water soluble, multi-use edible infusion in resealable 1ml ampules. Made with pure THC distillate and blended with specific terpenes.

Vibe it your way, in your favourite drink or straight up. Fast acting water soluble infusion in resealable and dose-able ampules. Blends perfectly into your favourite beverage, or can be consumed orally.

Rocket Man is made with pure THC distillate with a terpene blend including pinene, b-pinene and limonene. 9-11 mg per ampule. 10 ampules per pack.First on the Canadian market, the hydro-soluble

Each ampule is about the size of a small crazy glue dispenser – 2 inches long x 0.5 inch wide. They are small.

QuickVibeTM ampules will redefine the infused beverage category.

•Hydrosoluble liquid.
•Instantly blends into beverages.
•Complete blend, no chemical reactions or solid by products such as with powders.
•Dosable, with no surprise effects.
•Rapid onset and offset.
•Faster effects than edibles.


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