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Water bongs are sturdy and use filtration to remove fine particles from smoke and help deliver cooler and smoother rips. Many bongs also offer percs (percolators) for increased diffusion that condenses and cools the smoke more for monster bong hits.

There is nothing like a water bong for filtration and ease of use that creates a smooth smoking experience. The idea of ​​smoking through water is almost as old as society itself. Early stoners invented an easy way to use water to filter the smoke when ingesting cannabis and other healing herbs.

Designed for cannabis, other dry herbs, or even tobacco, water pipes have been around for centuries. Ancient stoners realized bongs create a smoother and cooler smoking experience. As bong technology advanced, components such as internal percolators were invented that created an even gentler smoke.

We recommend using a glass dab rig instead if you consume wax, oils, and dabs, as they are specifically designed enhance terpene flavor from concentrates.

Our curated selection of bongs for sale are made from borosilicate glass and other safe materials like silicone bongs.

Major Bong Types

Some of the first bongs were made using a bamboo tube and have since evolved into several major bong types:

Beaker Bongs

The wider base of the beaker bong holds more smoke that produces a bigger hit which will get you higher. More water translates into better filtration which is the best way to enhance the taste of your cannabis.

Beaker Base Bonds | Jupiter Grass

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Straight Tubes

Also known as Straight Shooters, Straight Tubes have a long, straight neck fixed to the water chamber of your bong. They are made from high quality glass or silicone with either a fixed or removable downstem percolator.

Straight Tube | Straight Shooters | Jupiter Grass

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Bubble Base Bongs

Round Bottom Bongs or Bubble Base are similar to beaker bongs as they both provide a wider base for more water capacity when compared to a straight tube bong. More water facilitates more filtration and the larger bubble base also produces a bigger bong hit getting you higher.

Bubble Base Bongs

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Glass Dab Rigs

Oil rigs or dab rigs (sometimes called concentrate pipes or wax rigs) are also type of water pipe designed for the use of shatter, oils, and wax.

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Percolator Bongs

Percolator Bongs have an extra filter inside that creates bubbles in your water pipe making it easier to hit. The bubbles increase the surface area the smoke travels within your water pipe cooling it down even more and removing impurities.

Percolator Bongs

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Silicone Bongs

Silicone Bongs and Silicone Dab Rigs are almost indestructible, can withstand massive amounts of heat, are easier to clean, provide elite water filtration for smooth tokes, and will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

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Mini Bongs

Mini Bongs small and portable water pipes that are between 4 -10 inches tall that provide the same water filtration benefits as a bigger bong, but are a scaled down, compact size. Sometimes referred to as a handheld bong or travel bong, they have all of the same core parts as a regular bong. A typical bong features a bowl, downstem, base, water chamber, and mouthpiece.

10" Tall Day Glow Straight Tube

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Unique Water Pipes

We have learned over the last 19 years that the perfect bong reflects your personal sense of style. A special bond will form between you and your bong and will guide and center you on the rest of your life journey.  We are confident that you will find the properly themed bong on Canada’s most trusted online headshop – Jupiter Grass

Shop our collection of Cool Bongs where are certain you will find something unique. Every pipe has a unique personality and we have all heard that “personality goes a long way.”

Considerations before buying a bong or water pipe:

  • Flowers. If you are a dried cannabis connoisseur, you will need a pipe that has a bowl. All water pipes and bongs have bowl where you put the flower prior to taking your hoot.
  • Concentrates. Into dabbing concentrates (like shatter, oils, and wax), you will require a nail or quartz banger that attach to dab rigs as well as a torch, dab mat, dabber, and container. Shop for a dab rig.
  • Size Does Matter. There are glass pieces that connect the various parts of the pipe that come in different joint sizes (10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joint sizes) and can be either male of female. Consider that there are many types of percolators and the combinations for new pipe are infinite.
  • Glass breaks. Always keep your bong elevated on a table and if you have a pet, putting your piece on a counter top near the wall is recommended. Silicone bongs are close to being indestructible.
  • Cleaning. Nothing stays clean forever. It is easy to clean your piece using a cleaner and brush. Stay tuned for our cleaning guide article which will be posted very soon.

Features of a Bong or Water Pipe


A downstem is long tube shaped piece of glass (or silicone) that has openings at both ends. It inserts into the water pipe and the bottom of it sits in the water. They have tiny slits or holes that break down the smoke before it enters the water. If the downstem creates more bubbles, the vapor has an increased surface area to cool before it enters the tube for inhalation. Most are removable from both the bowl and bong, but some are permanently attached. A non-removable downstem is harder to clean and will likely include a honeycomb percolator or a showerhead percolator. We recommended experimenting with both until you find the one you prefer.

Many water pipes have an ice pinch built into their tube design. It provides a extra layer of cooling to users before the vapor reaches the mouthpiece. This pinch holds ice in the tube area of the pipe creating the best cooling effect before you inhale.

Splash Guard

Splash guards prevent water from the base of the bong reaching your mouth or lips as you inhale, but it has slits so vapor will still pass through. The top of the guard is domed which will the water to fall back into the base of the pipe.

What does a percolator do in a bong?

A percolator (often referred to as a perc) is designed to diffuse hot smoke through the water inside the chamber of a bong to delivery smoother, cooler, and less harsh hits. There are dozens of different types of percs, and each one offers different advantages and disadvantages. On a bong, a perc should effectively diffuse smoke by exposing it to as much surface area as possible - thus allowing the water to cool down the smoke before it is inhaled.

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