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Cannabis nuggets covered in a sticky concentrated extract like oil or shatter. Afterwards, these super sticky buds get rolled in a powdery kief. The origin of moon rocks are a little fuzzy and up for debate, but became popularized by the rapper Kurupt. It’s important to note that there are various ways to create moon rocks. Some may dip the buds in a liquid extract while others spray on the concentrates. Afterwards, the nugs can be either rolled in kief, or sprinkled on.


Cannabis extracts, or concentrates, include a broad range of products. Often containing higher THC & CBD levels than those found in cannabis plants. These levels will differ between marijuana extracts. These cannabis products can be smoked, vaped or ingested.


Simply put, kief is what makes the cannabis plant so unique. We all know about those small, sticky crystals, known as trichomes. They cover the flowers of the plant and fall off in our grinders. These resin glands contain terpenes and cannabinoids. Providing us the effects we all seek from smoking cannabis.


First off, never use a grinder! Do not treat these resin covered buds the same way you prepare your dried flower. Putting moon rocks in a grinder will create a sticky mess for you to deal with. This method can also cause you to lose part of the extract and kief that’s covering the nuggets. Which would be an obvious and shameful waste.

The best way to break up your moon rocks into smaller pieces using your hands. This leaves you with many ways to smoke your moon rocks. Try sprinkling the broken up nuggets in with some flower and rolling it up. Or smoke it in your glass bong or pipe. Use some regular cannabis flower as a base in your bong or pipe so the moon rock burns evenly.

The best option for smoking moon rocks is often a desktop vaporizer. One that’s powerful enough to handle buds and extracts at the same time. Remember not to attempt to smoke moon rocks with a vaporizer that can’t do this or you could damage the device.


Like an astronaut, you need to prepare yourself to…go to the moon! So, stop for a quick moment and ask yourself, have you completed your tasks for the day? If you haven’t, consider getting your chores done first. Do you have an important engagement later in the day? Consider smoking your moon rocks afterwards. It may be a long and hard trip. Of course we don’t want to under or over exaggerate the moon rocks high. We only want to prepare you, especially if you’ve never tried them.



  • They will get you higher than a kite, think of a rocket ship racing to the moon.
  • Moon rocks are more cost-effective than buying the individual ingredients to make yourself. And, like dabs, a little bit can go a long way.
  • Great for both medicinal and recreational users that need a higher dose of THC.
  • Fun at parties, providing the high and working as a great conversation starter.


  • They will get you higher than a kite…which depending on the person may not always be the most positive experience.
  • Extremely messy (never put them in your grinder). Best smoked in a glass bong/pipe. Or a strong desktop vaporizer. One that can simultaneously smoke cannabis flower and extracts.
  • They can melt and become a mushy problem like gummy bears left on your car dashboard during a hot day. Always keep them in a cool place if you don’t want this to happen.

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